(つ*゚ー゚)つ [14GET] ⊂(゚ー゚*⊂)


( ´・ω・)  Let's have sweet mugi-cha and die!

( つ旦O  

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Hello, I'm killsushi!Basque9Dpk. This site mainly exists to host an archive of world2ch.org for ease of linking threads. Most of the content you'd expect on w2ch is up on the archive by now. Please be warned, much of the content in the archive may be considered offensive by some viewers.
I might be hosting other content on this site too someday.
Why 14GET? I was looking at archive.org and I found that on the original world2ch.net someone posted 14GET in a thread and it made me chuckle (though now that I think about it, that post may have been on DQN actually. I can't really remember and certainly cannot be assed to check).

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